Please visit CANACE corporate site at Click here for info.

This site is inactive. Please visit to access the CANACE corporate site.

New corporation, new CANACE website

Until July 2008, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality existed as an informal group of activists working together for a common goal. This, the original site, is hosted on the system and was operated by current CANACE Vice-President Mark Vandermaas without oversight of the group. was redirected to the actual URL of this site which is ‘

CANACE is now a Canadian Corporation

With the help of donors from inside and outside Caledonia, we have now registered a federal corporation to create an accountable, legal entity as we continue to move forward with the struggle to preserve the rule of law in Ontario and promote reconciliation between native and non-native peoples based on truth, justice and respect for the rights of all citizens regardless of race or grievance.

Effective 1930 EST July 30/08 a new site was created on the Wordpress system at to reflect our new corporate status. The domain has been re-directed there. 

This site will remain online in order to preserve links to existing stories, but will not be updated. Please visit the new CANACE corporate site at to see the latest edition of pages and stories.

Mark Vandermaas, Vice-President
Director of Research
CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)


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