Cayuga builder authorizes CANACE to gather evidence for criminal charges

14 05 2008

UPDATE 2210 EST July 08/08: Two native protesters now face a total of 9 charges for Intimidation, Mischief and Extortion in connection with illegal occupations and construction shut-downs thanks to CANACE. See, ‘CANACE ‘extortion’ charges certified by Ontario Court of Justice.’

UPDATE 1134 EST May 22/08: National Post story: Police probe First Nations’ fees. The OPP is now going to conduct an apparently reluctant investigation into the extortion tactics used by the HDI, but builders should not expect any charges to be laid by the police. No doubt the OPP’s decision to announce their ‘investigation’ and the recent CANACE announcement that we intend to lay charges for Mischief and Extortion is merely a coincidence.

UPDATE 2228 May 16/08: 1. The Cayuga builders were able to connect the main water line to their development today.  OPP were particularly helpful in convincing native protesters to ‘allow’ the work to be done. 2. Links to Tekawennake News coverage added.

On May 12/08 a Cayuga builder, whose construction site has been repeatedly blocked by native protesters demanding money in return for an end to the blockades, signed a form authorizing CANACE to enter the property and gather evidence for the purpose of laying criminal charges. The OPP have so far refused to put a stop to the illegal activities, and so the builder turned to CANACE for help.

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