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30 11 2007

team.jpegCANACE needs your voice in order to help us send a strong message to governments, police forces and the media that people all across Canada want our leaders to respect the Charter of Rights. 

You can help us restore Canada as a country where cherished rights such as equality before the law, security of the person, freedom of expression, and freedom of association will never again be so violated as they have been in places like Ipperwash and Caledonia.

Free to join! 

It costs nothing to become a CANACE Advocate! Just send an email to containing your name and mailing address. If you are including the names of friends or family, be sure to include their email address and/or phone number, too, so we can reach them, if necessary, to confirm their membership.

Help us make a strong statement

Unless you indicate otherwise, we will publish your name, city and province on our page of Member Advocates. If you would prefer that we exclude your name and/or city, just let us know in your email. 

Thanks so much for your help. Please be sure to ask your friends and family to join, too.

Gary McHale, Executive Director
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality




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